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We are Australia's leading First Nations social impact cultural design company.


Our mission - the design of an immersive, interconnected multiuser virtual heritage simulation covering 50 cities and regional towns across Australia.


A series of interactive serious cultural heritage survival games, virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.

  • We apply interactive design theory to link Indigenous and Western sciences that sustained our people within their local landscapes since time immemorial;

  • We develop software development tools to authentically reconstruct the land and respectfully represent of First Nations culture and connection to country;

  • We strive to ensure our application represent First Nations people as the original inventors, knowledge keepers and innovators in sustainable land use so users can gain a greater understanding of our connection to our land & cultural heritage;

  • We do applied research for the design, development and production of our apps so we can maximise social impact; and 

  • Our innovative interaction design, 3D visualisation and virtual reality lead to innovative applications that output as serious game, VR and AR.

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Cultural Protocol in the Digital Age

  • Pursue projects and programs that align with community needs and aspirations

  • Advocate for local cultural intellectual rights, through sustainable models of ICT for promotion of heritage 

  • Create projects and programs with cultural integrity in accord with local cultural protocols 

  • Always value and embrace First Nations knowledge and culture within the application of science, technology and digital innovation

  • Pursue innovative projects and deliver these with respect to our past and future 

  • Support ongoing and shared development of First Nations knowledge, arts, culture and languages



Unity for Humanity, Cultural Heritage & the Virtual Songlines SDK

We use Unity, many third party packages to develop our Virtual Songlines SDK.

We've modified each package, fixed its bugs and retrofitted each to align with virtual heritage managing, in the hope of meeting the needs of the communities and First Nations people we work with - mostly within capital cities and regional towns.

We offer digital and immersive solutions and through sponsorship from third parties, we believe our work can go some way to addressing the generational trauma of First Nations people. Some of our capital city and many regional town projects are areas dealing with wayward youth and youth suicide.

Through better education, our cultural ICT program could be a happy distraction - a serious cultural survival game/simulation - respects and honours our people. Through gamification, players earn respect through proper cultural acts, caring for country and applying traditional values. These acts are vital to the renewal of identity - but also for Australians wanting to gain an insight about our people and our diversity. 

Bilbie Labs are exploring partnerships many producers and sponsors so we can cost-effectively accelerate our production. We seek to stream our projects and achieve large virtual terrains that reflect the cultural heritage landscape and address the question of Aboriginal Sovereignty. 

We are developing our software to represent our historical associations and showcase the cultural heritage sites and objects of significance - an industry usually managed by archaeologists - multi-million dollar industry. Presently, we generate 3 x 3km terrains but this just doesn't cut it when we want to showcase an island like Palm - asynchronous scene management is needed - allowing large real-world terrains can to be created that align with someone's traditional boundaries - sometimes as large as 300 x 300 km.


Serious authentic cultural survival gamification 


Augmented cultural reality application for built environments that represent cultural heritage


Immersive VR applications for cultural events