Birra Burra - Wynyard Station

The Wynyard Station Project provided the Virtual Songlines team with the opportunity to demonstrate their technology in a video format.


The video was an observational experience showing a day in the life of the Gadigal people and demonstrated how they lived in pre-colonial times. The reconstruction showed the local fauna and flora prior to being built upon to create the city of Sydney.


Viewers fly up tank stream before it was made into Pitt Street Mall and then into the iconic Circular Quay as it once was with kangaroos jumping around and eels swimming through the water.


We, the viewer, were able to see the corroborees of the local tribes and them going out on a hunt and resting up at the end of the day in an environment as accurate as possible to how it would have been.


The video will be on display throughout the Wynyard Station soon and will provide a look into the past for travellers on their journeys to and from work.

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