Coding for Culture

This program aims to empower young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to create pathways into digital economy jobs. With fewer young Indigenous Australians entering into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Coding for Culture seeks to increase STEAM skills in young Indigenous students and ensure they can thrive in the digital economy through connecting them with their local culture.


(We add an "A" to represent the humanities).


Our program is designed to inspire both Indigenous and non-indigenous students to excel, discover new career paths they might not have considered, and to respect First Nations culture, via our digital-native cultural survival game making creation toolkit. We developed a 9-week self-directed term-long course through a serious of self-paced videos, that employ students with the techniques to develop their own regionally specific cultural heritage styled survival game.

Lesson 1

Using a supplied height map, students learn to create the terrain and paint surface textures.

Lesson 2

A first person player is added and the students can run around the terrain and test.

Lesson 3

Coding for Culture includes a selection of native trees and grasses that can be painted onto the terrain.

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