Cultural Survival Games

We make role-play based cultural survival games using our Virtual Songlines software toolkit to record the authentic cultural heritage stories of Australia's First Nations


Our games immerse players within a uniquely designed authentic cultural heritage landscape that can be localised at any Australian capital city or regional town across Australia. We set the opening scene to a time period just prior to the arrival of the first settlers


 Each player must learn to survive in a natural landscape. They learn this by understanding the natural environment, reading the signs in the land, listening to their traditional custodians and Elders that they encounter, follow their advice and adhere to the customary lores and customs of the First Nations People. Lessons learnt and which have survived since time immemorial


You begin as a lost young lost warrior called Kippa. You start exploring and must find your way and learn techniques to ensure your survival

Listen to elders

Through your travels, you'll encounter Elders. You must listen to the stories from a virtual, animated elder, earn their respect so they teach you ways to survive and in accord with the local culture


Explore an expansive cultural heritage landscapes that is topographically and ecologically accurate


Gather bush food, make tools, craft weapons and then hunt for the meat and resources from animals, fish and birds

Respect and custom

Your goal is to earn respect and you'll be rewarded for acting sustainably. But if you don't, you'll be penalised. You must abide the traditional lore and customs that have sustained the original custodians since time immemorial

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