Maiwar - Meeanjin

The people of Meeanjin have thrived since time immemorial.

In a landscape maintained by ancestors and elder past.

Original and natural landscapes gave us resources that sustained

a people, a culture, a way of life.

Recited stories by knowledge holders, rekindling the spirit of the land

and our connections with it. 

At day’s dawning, communities rose, traversed a meandering river,

 following tracks where neighbouring clans came together on their -

journey to fertile Bunya farming lands.

Abundant bush foods, enriched bora ceremonies on ancient corroboree grounds,

telling of a people of the land.

We were enlivened by the meandering river – of Maiwar –

and of clans who dwelt upon both banks.

In 1822, a population of some five thousand -

every one sustainably fed, clothed and sheltered.

Pressured to adhere to the culture of the land and of the lore of sustainability.

Bottlenecks solved by the artisan skills of canoe makers;

following the tides, avoiding bull sharks roaming.

Cross river rally points connected many clans to one another:

Woolloon Kapem to Meanjin; Doonah to Kurilpa; Barambin to Coorparoo. 

Many camp sites of communities supporting each other since time immemorial.

Weaving tracks, trails and transport routes connected our cultures - ensuring survival

- enabling groups - coming and going from Meeanjin to other places far and wide.

Whilst we maintained our land, our people endure and as they had

since the time before time – before this new settlement.

Now all have changed - white settlement came -

forever transforming our traditional lands - we adapted.

We adapted to sustain our place and ensure the survival of our future generations –

within this new order.