About Us

We are a black, white and brindle team with a mission to design and develop interactive and multi-user virtual heritage experiences.


  • We use digital design to establish linkages between Indigenous and Western sciences that have sustained our landscapes since time immemorial

  • We are developing a visualisation software tool to respectfully represent to the next generation of First Nations inventors, knowledge holders and innovators a way of gaining a greater understanding of our lands, culture and heritage

  • We research, design, create and strive to represent the impacts and develops of our traditional science, technologies using digital innovation, 3D visualisation and virtual reality technologies



Our Focus

Protecting Our Culture

  • Pursue projects and programs that align with community needs and aspirations

  • Advocate for local cultural intellectual rights, through sustainable models of ICT for promotion of heritage 

  • Create projects and programs with cultural integrity in accord with local cultural protocols 

Promoting our Culture

  • Always value and embrace First Nations knowledge and culture within the application of science, technology and digital innovation

  • Pursue innovative projects and deliver these with respect to our past and future 

  • Support ongoing and shared development of First Nations knowledge, arts, culture and languages 

Virtual Heritage Education

  • Educate future generations about our culture and heritage and promote Virtual Heritage as a long term career opportunities

  • Raise the profile of First Nations and their underlying science, technology and digital innovation achievements

  • Through our project delivery, provide real, progressive career opportunities, beyond traineeships in Virtual Heritage

Virtual Heritage R&D

  • Develop better processes and procedures through a greater understanding of First Nations science, technology and digital heritage

  • Build upon our research outcomes and make better iterative projects

  • Strengthen our relationships with key stakeholders within government, corporate, education and community with respect to Digital and virtual heritage innovation 

Our Team


Virtual Heritage Jedi


Tel: 0406 220 404


Lead Designer & Programmer


Lead Technician & Programmer


UI Designer & Developer


Digital Artist & Videographer


3D Landscape Artist & Developer 




Virtual Videographer

Our Advisors

Michelle Brown (Mogul)

Technical Adviser (AR/VR)

Deb Sandy (Yugarapul)

Cultural Adviser

Jim Thorpe (Bidjara)

Business Adviser

Alan Warrie (Konijaburra)

Cultural Adviser

Ray Kerkhove 


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