Site Displays

Here at Virtual Songlines we can take any location and create a virtual recreation of that environment as it existed prior to western colonization. Using modern height map data combined with old maps, a landscape is created in 3D. This landscape is then populated with native flora and fauna. We then add the cultural heritage of the traditional owners.

Cultural Heritage Videos

Virtual Songlines can create a custom video for display in foyers, lobbies, public spaces, etc. Videos can be regionally specific and provide welcome to country for the location.

Interactive Displays

The next step up from video is an interactive display. This uses a high quality 4k screen with a high end PC to provide an superior interactive experience. Patrons can enter into a custom location specific world that recreates the culture and environment of the region's original people. Users can explore, hunt and gather, and listen to stories told by in game characters, or engage in quests.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Songlines can create custom content for Virtual Reality headsets. This provides unparalleled immersion in the virtual cultural landscape. The same content available for the interactive displays can be experience in virtual reality. We have headsets from Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Microsoft Mixed Reality.

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