Virtual River Yarns

The Wimmera river was the centre point of attention for the Virtual river yarns experience created by our virtual songlines software. The user challenge is to listen to the stories of the traditional custodians and be challenged to survive as First Nations people originally had for centuries past. Your journey starts with a welcome to country speech by a local Elder. Later you walk to a small camp and here the story about fire. You need to collect tinder from grass trees and other bit to begin the sacred fire, the buloke stick for the traditional hunting club Nulla Nulla, as well as craft a hunting spear to hunt  kangaroos. The whole experience takes several hours to complete but by the end, users are able to source local plants (like the grass tree and silver wattle wood) as well as food both plant (Warrigal greens) as well as meat (Goanna, possum etc.) to survive. All the plants and terrain were accurately created from topographical data (both satellite and soil maps) and from historical data so we could provide an accurate, respectful and authentic experience of First Nations connection to the Horsham area.

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