VR Maiwar - Brisbane EKKA

The team had an amazing week, in collaboration with Cross River Rail Development Authority, showcasing three VR experiences for the crowds at the RNA showgrounds. An experience that included an Acknowledgement to Country video which recognised the First Nations people as the traditional owners of Maiwar.


Each user could choose one of three experiences. The first placed a user at York’s Hollow where they had to survive. They built a shelter and a fire by finding local materials like tinder from grass trees for their fire and sheets of ironbark for their shelter.


The second experience needed users to converse with the elders at a traditional campsite near the EKKA showgrounds to gain their insight into their traditions and way of life.


The last experience (a crowd favourite) was a trip, by nowey, along Maiwar (Brisbane River) as it was 220 years ago. The user started at the Story Bridge and made their way to Gardens Point. An elder sat with them and recited the Muttagatta yarn - a story of the creation of Brisbane River.

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