Warrane - Eora

‘Virtual Warrane [Tuhbowgule]’ is an interactive virtual world that you can explore.

It’s a virtual cultural landscape situated around Warrane and set in the time

before the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove.

To survive this world you’ll need to observe your surroundings, understand your role

and know your responsibilities to be able to survive in this harsh environment.

You’ll engage with all manner of interactive objects located throughout the harbour and to learn a great deal about maintaining the sense of goodwill, harmony and reconciliation that exists with the spirits and understand the lifestyle of the original inhabitants who understood,

identified with, felt and connected with 'Tuhbowgule' and its 'Nangamay'.

This project called Virtual Warrane aims to respectfully re-present the world of

the Cadigal people who lived harmoniously on the shores of Sydney Harbor for thousands of years

before the arrival of the First Fleet. 

Virtual Warrane is a simulation, historical recount and first-person interactive role-playing simulation that spans a time period in the life of a Cadigal person living along

the banks of Warrane (Sydney Cove).


It is a non-linear interactive narrative story containing a "string of pearls" embedded in a virtual 3D environment based upon historical accounts of life in pre-contact Sydney to represent the diversity contained within the Aboriginal heritage, show the lifestyle, ongoing connection and deep spiritual links the original custodians held for the environment – the plants, animals and land about the harbour and waterways.


This brief outlines design, production and artistic processes for the re-presentation of the content, knowledge, stories, artefacts, art, culture and heritage values of the Cadigal people.

Virtual Warrane is a new media interactive experience which will record, preserve and present the content relating to the close association, dreaming stories, culture and knowledge but using an interactive 3D simulated environment and virtual landscape.