Whadjuk - Yagan

By harnessing the ability of virtual reality to generate empathy and understanding, a powerful cultural experience was crafted highlighting the strong ongoing connection of Aboriginal people to country.


Virtual Whadjuk uses cutting-edge immersive Virtual Reality technology to help maintain Whadjuk Noongar language, culture and identity, and gives audiences a uniquely Indigenous perspective on European arrival.

Put on the VR headset and be transported back in time. See the city high-rises disappear and be welcomed to Whadjuk Noongar country.

Be part of a traditional smoking ceremony, a kangaroo hunt, gather bush medicine and witness a fishing expedition.


Be on the beach to experience the dramatic moments leading up to first contact with Europeans, as the HMS SUCCESS approaches the mouth of the Swan River on the 6th of March 1827.


Through cutting-edge first-person simulation, the Virtual Whadjuk experience deepens the connection of audiences to Aboriginal culture, language & place.


Virtual Whadjuk can be delivered in a wide variety of ‘pop-up’ events or by an ongoing license; from galleries and festivals to schools, street activations and more. Virtual Whadjuk events can be completely customised to suit your needs.