Passing knowledge to any generation

PC and VR games are the most popular forms of gaming across the world, with our UX and UI design we try and make our experiences as user friendly as possible.

Training and interaction with our experiences is seamless! A background in technology is not a requirement to understand the fundamentals of our gameplay.

Users from any age range can easily understand the goals and functionality required to review our experiences.


Our team of passionate designers and developers are specialized in developing games for Windows, VR, AR and Mobile.

So here is what we got planned:

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Art, design, and animation

To bring your game to life, we would start with our creative and talented environment, art and design team, all of our processes are developed in house and made specifically to generate and curate a custom environment based on relevant location specific details provided by you the client. They specialize in creating attractive historically accurate and correct graphics, UI, UX and game-assets for 2D, Isometric, and 3D mobile games. They will start with creating assets, landscapes and animations that are mobile friendly and stress tested on any platform required.  

UI/UX design process

As previously explained, our UI/UX designers follow the best practices for UI design. They don't just have experience in how to work with colors, fonts, button sizes, their job is to follow a logical process, that’s perfectly approachable to a developer. 

Terrain and environment design process

Using Unity, extensive research through historians, GIS, satellite and biome data as well as references from traditional owners of the land and compiling this information using external applications to design completely custom location specific environment assets including vegetation models and terrains for whatever the client requires.

from location based to project based your needs will be met.

Coding and development

We use our skills in the industry standard game development engine: Unity, to build the experience you are desiring, we will use the right set of tools based on the game technical requirement we agreed on.

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Our testing team which includes our dev / design team has a wide variety of gaming experience which will help to provide quality assurance and compliance testing for any platform. We will test the consistent performance, gameplay, device compatibility, user experience, user interface, screen orientations, resolutions, load testing, social integration, and more.